About Me

When I was in elementary school, my dream was become a painter, although I still did good in mathematics and even got myself a spot on the school team. Remember when i was in the end of fourth grade, my class is learning to draw, the school principal appears, called and took me to another class (there was a new "selected class", which choose 2 or 3 students from each class). I cry on the way, wanting to go back to the old class to complete my painting. Well, I still remember that flower painting got 10 points (the highest).
When I'm in secondary school, it still have Art class, and I started thinking about how to mix the colors, then get a high-color pen to see what color it turn out. I began to know a little bit about work, and dream of becoming an Architect in 8th grade. But in 9th grade, the Math team takes too many time and examinations, and my parents kind of force me to learn all day, so gradually I forgot all my painting career.
At high school I got my first contact with the computer, I began to like it, and started investing my time for it. In grade 11, I like someone and I started lead drawing again, but just drawing freely. When registering for university, i also wondered between Hanoi Architectural University and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Finally, my mom decided it for me and it was HUST.
In my fourth year of college, everyone has the ambition, to do something big, and to do what you like. But my first job is not, it was in a game mobile company. The first official project was a farm-game type, I didn't really like it, but I was not bad to made the product and see the user feedback. But what I want then is to build applications for millions of users, and the first idea is to turn fanpage Hanoi address (it becomes famous later) into mobile applications.
Nearly 2 years later I started doing something for the money, and made quite good from, though it was not nice and I didn't like to do, but who doesn't need money.
Months after that I began a startup with a group of friends...